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Every day, care.


In a category where the focus has always been on the promise of completing tasks faster, easier and better, Whirlpool focused on why we do them.

For generations, Whirlpool enjoyed success based on the familiarity and trust it had built with consumers. But by 2014, the brand's market share had dropped 11% over the previous four years, and new competitors were dragging the company into feature wars that threatened to erode its share even further. 

The Every day, care™ campaign shifted the conversation away from flashy bells and whistles.  

We put family and care first in TV spots and social channels, in a documentary series with Upworthy that showed cross-generational care, and even in products that triggered charitable donations. 

The company’s downward slide stopped. Market share grew by 6.4 percent in just one year, and social media sentiment increased by 150% in the first quarter.

Whirlpool gained a 36% lift in consideration, surpassing its goal by ten times. It also enjoyed 22% lifts in both preference and purchase intent, besting expectations by 150% and 200% respectively.