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Imagine Yourself


When you have a fresh and unexpected new lineup of cars, you need an equally fresh and unexpected new face to show it off.

Buick faced perception problem: most people still thought of it as an outdated car made for grandparents.

We didn’t want to shift perceptions–we wanted to shatter them. Our challenge was to make Buick feel fresh again, with a commercial that would appeal to a younger audience. 

We turned to Ellie Kemper. Two weeks before the Super Bowl, we released “Imagine Yourself,” a funny and unique, branded film that also showcased the newest Buick vehicles.

We then increased paid media to coincide with the launch of Ellie Kemper’s series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Buick became synonymous with approachable luxury. 

The film blew up across social channels, earning more than 317 million impressions and over 66 million video views, with 97% of its organic social mentions being positive in nature. It also produced a significant lift in brand opinion (17%), and an even greater lift in brand consideration (24%).