Take It From a Fish


Meet the seafaring stars of the Cannes Lion Grand Prix-winning campaign that dared to swim against the tide. 

Over 4 million people suffer from hypertriglyceridemia in America, yet no one seems to care about their triglycerides.

To help AstraZeneca launch their new medication that reduces TG in adult patients we knew we had to find a creative solution that would get people talking about TG.

As an integral part of a heart-healthy diet, who better to reach our target than Marty and Sal, a pair of wise-cracking spokesfish?

The duo took to YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and to deliver a lively series of exercise tips and diet advice, and it was anything but dry.

Introducing the fish to social media – unusual waters for a pharma campaign – was successful. Just three months in, we achieved and maintained an 11% lift on searches for high triglycerides.

We became the 4 most popular Twitter account ever in pharma. On YouTube, the number of expected organic views quadrupled. 

Our fish even went on to net the Pharma Grand Prix in Cannes, showing that even triglycerides can make a colossal splash.