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Dunkin' Donuts



To promote Dunkin’s new ordering app, we challenged physics to create the “World’s Fastest Dunkin’ Run” with wingsuit BASE jumper Ellen Brennan. 

In a world of on-demand, it became harder for Dunkin’ Donuts customers to justify waiting in line. Dunkin’ decided it was time to create a mobile ordering app of its own.

Dunkin’ knew it had to do something huge to show just how fast the new app was. It needed to go viral in a big way.

From that idea, #WTFast was born. Ellen Brennan, the world’s fastest female wingsuit athlete, launched the app with the world’s fastest Dunkin’ run by picking up her Dunkin’ mid-flight at 120 mph. 

We created online and broadcast content and then took it one step further with a 360 virtual reality video.

Featured in Fast Company and Adweek, this integrated campaign had 11 million views in the first two weeks, with a 44 percent increase in new app users. The 360 video became the most watched wingsuit video ever.

What’s more, On-the-Go ordering became the most successful operational change to Dunkin’ Donuts since the drive-thru.