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The Gifted Day


For those living with lung cancer, every day is a gift. Here’s how AstraZeneca helped them celebrate 1,440 minutes that never should have happened.

LVNG With is a support community created by AstraZeneca for people living with lung cancer and their loved ones.

Because it moves so quickly, people living with lung cancer often feel isolated. We wanted to help them find a reason to celebrate each and every moment they have left.

When you have lung cancer, every day counts. An extra day in the year, Leap Day, becomes a gift.

“The Gifted Day” came to life as a 24-hour social content series that aired on Leap Day. Every hour, a member of LVNG With answered, “What are you doing with your extra day of life?”

We also invited others to share their Leap Days using the hashtag #GiftedDay on Facebook and Instagram.

In one day, our content earned half a million views, a 500% increase in shares, and almost doubled our number of followers.

Most importantly, nearly 1,500 people joined the LVNG With community. While they know they may not beat cancer, they also know that it will never defeat them.