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Shock and Awe


By tapping into eBay’s behavioral data, we discovered a brand new approach to reaching consumers.

Every day, up to 17 million people visit eBay to win or...lose. Since consumers who’ve previously lost an auction are more likely to purchase in the future, we needed a way to capture eBay users’ attention and motivate them to come back.  

Tapping into eBay’s site and user behavioral data, we found a brand new way to make dynamic display creative feel personal.

We created four distinct shopper profiles for each of the five top performing display categories. Then we identified site behaviors. Finally, we developed a single dynamic ad unit that populated live eBay product listings tailored to the individual shopper.

The results proved to be every bit as dynamic as the ad units themselves.

There was a 500% increase in sales and a 460% lift in revenue compared to a typical ad.  The campaign reactivated 9 times the number of lapsed buyers. We saw a 330% lift in converted clicks, proving that “data-driven” can also be personal.