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Stop HB757

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When Georgia’s legislature passed House Bill 757, the "religous liberty" bill,  our mission was clear: fight back and defeat it.

When Georgia’s Senate and House of Representatives passed House Bill 757, known as the “religious liberty” bill, we didn’t have a brief – we had a mission.

If we wanted Governor Nathan Deal to veto the bill, we had to find a way to show what a future filled with hate would look like.

We launched a fake printing company designed to highlight the very real implications of HB 757. With inflammatory posters such as “Homosexuals Not Welcome,” “We Don’t Sell Gay Cakes,” and “Closed to Jews,” it’s no surprise the public backlash was swift and strong.

Advertising for 4A Graphics of Georgia drove concerned citizens to a website filled with a wide range of shockingly discriminatory posters. With one click, site visitors were re-directed to Governor Nathan Deals’ contact information, where they could urge him to veto the bill. He did.