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Care Counts


We installed washer and dryers in schools to see how the simple act of laundry impacts attendance rates.

Every day in America, thousands of kids miss school because they lack one simple thing: clean clothes. How could Whirlpool help change this?

We installed washers and dryers in schools to give students access to clean clothes. Starting in 2 districts and spanning 17 schools, the program tracked the attendance rates and overall class performance of participating students. Through special data collection boxes that we developed and installed on each laundry pair, we were able to attribute each wash to a specific student. This data let us look for correlations between a child having access to clean clothes and the impact that has on their attendance.

It worked!

93% of participating students increased attendance in the first year.

89% of students had increased classroom participation.

95% of students participated in more extracurricular activities.