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Maytag Social


With the launch of the new Maytag Man, we turned the hardest working appliance brand into the hardest working voice in social media.   

For years, the only reason people would engage with Maytag in social media was to complain. But with the launch of a new website and a new brand ambassador in the Maytag Man, we had an opportunity to change direction.

The Maytag Man dove into all the conversations online. We tackled subjects ranging from football, to Star Wars, to marriage equality.

On Instagram we photobombed Maytag-style. We found posts of kitchen renovations then dropped the Maytag Man into them to show people the dependability in their own homes.

We received big-time praise across the web. Consideration was up 5.7%. Preference increased 9.3%. And purchase intent improved by 10.6%.

The Maytag work won awards, including Addy Best in Show and Effie gold. It pays to be the hardest working brand in social media.