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As one of the last American-owned appliance manufacturers, we wanted to show that Maytag takes just as much pride in its country as it does in its products.

In recent years, Maytag has become one of the last remaining American-owned appliance manufacturers. We wanted to shine a spotlight on the pride Maytag takes in supporting its country by providing quality jobs as well as quality products. 

We decided to celebrate Maytag’s American identity. Using footage from actual Maytag factories, we traced the journey of the Maytag Man as he’s built into a tough, dependable Maytag appliance and featured real Maytag factory workers along the way.

In its first six months, “Factory” delivered 490 million impressions on television among our target alone, and nearly 5 million additional targeted impressions online.

Millward Brown’s branding score registered at 85% above the norm, while audience enjoyment beat typical performance by a whopping 107%. That’s another monumental achievement to be proud of.