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Greatness Awaits for PewDiePie


With YouTube star and game reviewer PewDiePie turning 26, PlayStation did what any good friend would do. We baked him a cake. 

How do you create a piece of content so unique and surprising that an international gaming sensation with 40+ million YouTube subscribers and 10+ billion views will not only enjoy it, but also want to spread it organically?

PewDiePie was scheduled to return home from a long book tour on his birthday, so we partnered with a local bakery to create a custom cake. When he saw our cake with the the message “Greatness Awaits Inside,” he promptly cut it open and found our real present–a customized Dual Shock 4 controller.

His vlog about the experience attracted over 3.2 million views. We trended on Facebook for an entire day, and earned press coverage from Entertainment Weekly to Polygon for a total reach of 10.8 million people.

And the fact that we achieved all of this with zero dollars spent on media and talent was just icing on the cake.