Data Science Director, Data & Analytics



Digitas is a highly-caffeinated playground where brilliant minds come together to make bold, award-winning marketing. We use data-driven insights to guide our work, but we also believe in a healthy dose of spirited storytelling as we strive to transform the marketing landscape.

As part of Data & Analytics (DNA) our Data Science teams develop industry-leading analytic solutions for clients across industries, channels, and business functions. We apply a bespoke and cutting-edge arsenal of statistical, analytical and computing techniques to complex data problems at scale, with the emphasis on game-changing - and measureable - business impact. We work in close collaboration with colleagues across all agency disciplines to develop truly innovative, highly effective, data-powered solutions for our clients.

To help with this, we’re looking for an outstanding Data Science Director – an experienced professional and passionate problem solver to evangelize our offering and to scale our offering within the agency. Sound like you? Read on.

Data Scientists provide a wide range of analytic solutions for a multitude of client applications. We build inferential and predictive models, including machine learning algorithms and AI; we process, integrate and manipulate big data with distributed systems and customer data pipelines; we synthesize results and translate findings and into compelling stories that resonate with clients.

As a senior manager, you’ll be leading teams in defining, creating and evangelizing ground-breaking analytics solutions leveraging the suite of agency Data Science offerings.

The role maintains a primary responsibility in Singapore. The role will also support and be supported by the network as part of the Publicis Spine global data community.

Day-to-day, your role includes:

ª Leading cross-functional teams to define, implement and promote cutting-edge data engineering and analysis solutions with new and existing clients, including:

o End-to-end customer data integration, activation and enablement

o Rigorous statistical modeling and inferential analysis

o Machine learning and AI development and applications

ª Synthesizing complex, technical concepts and outputs into compelling story lines resonate with a variety of technical and non-technical audiences

ª Providing strategic vision and alignment for client engagements

ª Engaging with colleagues across the agency to identify new and improved pathways for data-powered solutions

ª Providing expertise in fundamental skill areas such as statistical methods, distributed computing, machine learning, AI, and open source programming

ª Delivering thought leadership and innovation in process, technique, and implementation.

ª Sharing knowledge, debating techniques, conducting research to advance the collective knowledge and skills of our Data Science practice.

Required experience and skills:

We’re looking for rigorous analytic training and 10+ years professional experience in a data science or analytics role, which typically includes:

ª Extensive experience leading and executing projects that span data engineering, data mining, statistical modeling, distributed computing, and business strategy

ª Robust, fundamental expertise in areas of statistical methods, distributed computing, machine learning, AI, and/or a variety of open source programming languages

ª Experience integrating a variety of data sources, methods, and applications to achieve specific objectives

ª Proven track record of technical and analytical innovation that delivers measurable business impact

ª Proven track record leading and scaling teams of data scientists

ª Flexibility to operate across technologies, industries, or level of scale and complexity

ª Demonstrated ability to flex seamlessly from highly technical, analytical discussions to higher level, strategic conversations.

Über Digitas

Wir haben 40 Niederlassungen in 25 Ländern, jeder ein Beitrag zur umzustülpen und definieren die Landschaft von Strategie, Kreativität, Medien und Technologie. Wir sind gepumpt über die Auszeichnungen, die wir verdient haben – cue Titanium Löwen, Gold Bleistifte und macht LinkedIn Most InDemand Arbeitgeber-Liste von 2014 – doch was uns am meisten beflügelt die Menschen wir mit den wir arbeiten arbeiten für Kunden und die ständige Herausforderung, die uns konfrontiert: Herstellung von erstaunlich kreativ, Tag für Tag. Auf große Werte, tolle Leute und tolle Kunden, wir sind stolz darauf, viele tolle Vergünstigungen – Dinge wie flex Urlaubstage, Unterrichtvergütung, Fitness-Studio-Mitgliedschaft Rabatte und Geschenke für die vielen Menschen, die bei uns, 5, 10, 20 gewesen sind Jahre und mehr. Und während feiern wir diejenigen, die von uns stecken haben und uns in die kreative Kraft, die wir heute sind geformt, wir sind immer auf der Suche nach tolle neue Talente helfen uns noch stärker wachsen. Wenn Sie gut ist, komm zu uns.

Digitas ist ein Equal Opportunity Employer.