Happiness Does Matter: Ad Age Brand Summit


Happiness Does Matter: Ad Age Brand Summit

Tony Weisman

The ability to recruit, develop, and retain talent can be the difference between success and failure, winning business and falling behind the competition. I joined CEOs from Ad Age’s 2014 Best Places to Work-winning companies to talk about getting the talent equation right.

At Digitas the most precious assets are the people who go up and down our elevators every day. They are essential to our business and it’s our duty as an organization to inspire and provide a purpose. We celebrate smart, curious, and collaborative talent and invest in their professional craft and personal passions.

Each panelist reinforced what Digitas and I believe about creating and developing workplace happiness.

Here’s what stood out to me from the conversation and what we stand behind:

Michael Mothner, Founder and CEO, Wpromote  

Let’s make Mondays not suck: If someone comes to work without understanding their contributions, that negativity will bleed over to Tuesday, clients, and the entire agency.

Happiness does not equal perks: Your office doesn’t need to look like a start-up company to make people happy. When we find people who are really happy, they have been empowered. They feel accountable and have a sense of purpose.

Do you have a connection? When interviewing someone, ask yourself, “Could I be stranded in an airport with them for 8 hours?” This is a telling question that has been adopted by big and small organizations. It’s not just about the resume, but who they are as a person.

Michael’s one takeaway to create happiness: Love what you do.

Shawn Riegsecker, Founder and CEO, Centro

Focus on people so your creativity doesn’t suffer: Culture will get your talent through positive and negative times. If a level of happiness isn’t developed, your creativity to clients will be the casualty.

Talent with adversity creates culture: One of the threads when finding new talent is to see how they deal with adversity in both their professional and personal lives. How they answer is an indicator of how they are going to deal when times get tough.

Shawn’s one takeaway to create happiness: View vulnerability as a strength that requires exercise.

Becca Weigman, CEO, TM Advertising 

Resilience is #1 Key To Success: If you aren’t building people from a personal level, they will never have the resilience to bounce back when times aren’t the best. Because in this business, highs are super high, and lows are super low.

People need to like each other: If there is negativity or animosity between people, it is a poison that will spread from team to team and infect the entire company. Leaders must be fully aware of this.

Becca’s one takeaway to create happiness: Resilience.

And my one takeaway to create happiness? Live into our values.

Tony Weisman

Tony Weisman


Tony sets the strategic course and vision for the agency’s largest region, with clients across financial services, retail, automotive, and entertainment industries. He is also the agency’s champion for culture, diversity, and talent.


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