Digitas Creates New Design to Replace Mississippi Flag A Banner for Everyone

Published July 2, 2020
  • A cross-office design/creative team from Digitas, the Connected Marketing agency, came together to create nine alternative flag designs for the state of Mississippi. 
  • Mississippi’s existing 126-year-old flag—the only state banner left in the country with the Confederate symbol—is being retired.
  • The Digitas creative team was inspired by what Mississippi stands for, and its unique story, defined by faith, hospitality, the Mississippi River, and the state’s symbols of local flora and fauna, which symbolize unity and progress.
  • The creative team was equally inspired by how Mississippi stands out, and its unique style. The Digitas team presented a fresh take on color by utilizing a sea of blues and reds, and a modern but timeless design language that pays homage to this moment of change and unity.
  • The nine alternative flags include images of the Mockingbird, Mississippi’s state bird, the Red Fox, the state’s mammal, and the Honeybee, the state’s insect.
  • The team created these designs with the hope of sparking dialogue and ideally, being invited to collaborate with the Mississippi government to create a longstanding symbol of the state’s future.
  • To learn more about the significance behind each flag design, click here.

“We believe in the power of design to solve universal challenges, build, and shift culture, and ultimately move people to action. When we heard the state of Mississippi was bravely retiring their current flag and commissioning a new design, we were immediately moved to action. We responded in the best way we knew how: by quickly uniting a diverse and talented design team from all corners of the country under the goal of giving Mississippi a new flag that the whole state can rally behind, and that the whole country can be inspired by.” Jimmy Alleman, VP/Group Director of Experience Design

Designer Credits

Jimmy Alleman, Vice President Group Director, Experience Design
Brent Eveleth, Senior Vice President, Head of Experience Design, Boston Region
Eric Leighton, Lead Experience Designer
Ashley Postiff, Lead Designer
Jaren Tigani, Designer


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