Digitas Partners with 3% Movement to Create New Branding for 2021 Super Bowl Tweet Up

Published February 5, 2021

Digitas, the Connected Marketing agency, in partnership with the 3% Movement, created new branding for this year’s Super Bowl Tweet Up, including email, landing page and social media (primary) assets.

This marks the first time that the 3% Movement has branched out into a design system for this event, in time for the first-ever fully virtual Tweet Up.

For the brand redesign and promotion, Digitas focused on bringing modernity and brand appeal to a new design system by using bright colors and simple iconography. The team also leveraged motion to match the energy of their color choices and emphasize their messaging.

More about the 2021 3% SB Tweet Up:

Every year ad enthusiasts live tweet their reactions to Super Bowl ads using #3PercentSB.

Women not only watch equally on Super Bowl Sunday, but they buy and share socially in greater numbers than men, which means ads with female appeal are the best return on that $5 million price-tag.

Who better to judge the ads than the media-makers who know what goes into the making of a Super Bowl spot?

This year, intersectionality takes center stage. The team is looking for ads that best represent not just females, but debunk stereotypes, show women of color and different abilities, as well as ads that are ideated and produced by women.

“We are thrilled to partner with the 3% Movement on this redesign,” says Nathalie Huni, EVP/Head of Design, Digitas North America. “The design system, with its bright colors and dynamic block grid, in addition to graphics in motion, from the animated pie chart, to stretch transitions between messaging and icons, bring to life the energy and passion that is inherently part of the 3% DNA.”

“We’re so grateful to our friends at Digitas for creating a visual identity and multiple assets for this year’s Super Bowl Tweet Up that we can use to rally our community and the world at large to tweet along with us,” says Kat Gordon, founder of The 3% Movement.

Following the Super Bowl, Nathalie Huni sat down with Kat Gordon, INNOCEAN Creative Director Lori Martin, and New York Times & T Brand Studio ECD Vida Cornelious, for a post-game discussion on 3%’s YouTube channel.

The conversation covered the game's ads, plus what it’s like to create ads right now — during a pandemic, racial, social, and civil unrest, change in political landscape, decisions around messaging and/or not advertising, and more.

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