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Re-framing Renault Duster as the new powerhouse in the Middle East


The Renault Duster has been the highest seller for Renault for the past five years, yet with the new upgraded model launch, consumers weren’t aware that this is a new improved model.

The campaign model launched late in Q4 2018, with a refresher campaign released again in January 2019. The results were steadily declining campaign over campaign making it more apparent that something had to be done to fix the situation for the Renault Champion Model.


Post deep diving into our consumer we found many actionable attributes that we could tap into in order to drive addressable  advertising. We looked at these consumers interests and behavior on the net to be able to find areas to tap into from a creative perspective and to which the consumer would have a high affinity against.

We wanted to create a personalized connection with each consumer.

Interest: Consumers interested in Renault have shown to have high affinity towards travel, news, outdoor enthusiast.

Behavioral: Consumers interested in Renault are also clustered under value shoppers, fast food lovers and Chinese brand mobile users.


Our solution was data-led. We knew the challenge and we knew that we needed to create a deeper bond with our consumers.

We started by creating a data lexicon framework and then mapped each data point to every stage of the funnel: Pre-Category, Category, Brand and CRM.

We knew that in order to transform the way forward for Renault Duster, we needed access to the brand’s first party data through their CRM in order to leverage every lead generated in the Launch/January campaign and to profile the correct Renault Duster buyer. This helped us enrich our prospecting approach in the Pre-Category communication as we knew the attributes of our potential buyers.

We created a different communication platform for every stage of the funnel to create more depth: Spot the difference, The difference is clear, Looking for a difference, Drive the difference.

Finally, every data point had a different creative within its stage communicating on a very personal level to every profile, topped with a one of kind car swap video for old Renault Duster owners.


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