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Panadol Migraine - there when it matters


Panadol Migraine Product Launch


Panadol commands strong market share in the everyday pain management space, however when it comes to more severe conditions such as migraines two main challenges face the brand:

1. Low Condition Awareness

2. Migraine Medication is Traditionally Prescribed by HCPs and no habitual consumption of migraine medication is present on an OTC level. Does an OTC brand  have the right to play in this space?

3. Consumer expectations have changed, how can brands cut through and move consumers to try something new without relying on expert recommendation


Home remedies are a go to coping mechanism for migraines , lack of understanding and different levels of suffering frequency exist. Deep diving our consumer we looked at actively collected data & passively collected data, merged the 2 to find our truths:

• 6pm to 11pm is the most frequent time of searches and consumption of Migraine related content

• Causes, Symptoms & Treatment are the most frequently searched for terms – where authoritative sites with HCP content are those most consumed

• Healthy Food, Personal Care & Fitness are the most common interests of migraine sufferers


Our solution was to be “There when it matters”, ensuring we don’t let migraine’s take over our consumer’s life. Cluster our online audiences and formulate addressable content to speak to them about their ailment within the context of their interests. Own key commuting routes and after work activities through OOH - all while also creating content and leveraging technology to deliver experiences that show consumers we thoroughly understand.

We targeted consumers interested in healthy food, personal care & fitness with different versions of creative relating the ailment to their interest and showcasing how Panadol migraine could assist them in ensuring we don’t let migraines take over their life with our key claim of alleviating migraines in 30 mins.

Owning key commuting routes and times through driving messaging on the way home  with our key claim of alleviating migraines in 30 mins or less.

Leveraging augmented reality to break through low condition awareness we targeted both our key interests along with pharmacy frequenters, which we collected with virtual beacons, to showcase what a migraine feels like.  Moreover we partnered with the regions largest HCP site to create content around symptions, causes and treatment which we could own.

Lastly on a brand level, we worded our search ads to tackle the suffers who look for alternative remedies and positioned ourselves as a product which drives fast relief


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