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Digitas in the News

AdAge • 25 January 2018

Digitas's internal docuseries' unexpected bonus: new talent

AdAge reports on the Digitas series, 'In the Wild'.

The Drum • 25 January 2018

Why Digitas's Matthew Jacobson practises the art of magic

The Drum delves into Digitas's Global Executive Design Director's creative pursuits.

Campaign • 17 January 2018

Are Facebook's news feed changes bad news for brands?

Digitas's Strategy Partner, Ed Beard, discusses the potential effects of Facebook's news feed changes.

The Drum • 18 December 2017

SheSays reveals winners of 'I Am Reindeer' initiative celebrating female creative talent

Digitas Copywriter, Charlotte Hugh, is chosen as one of the SheSays 'I Am Reindeer' winners for 2017.

AdExchanger • 11 December 2017

The top 10 programmatic agencies

Digitas is revealed as one of AdExchanger's top 10 agencies for programmatic.

The Drum • 6 December 2017

Can 2018 make the internet great again?

The Drum reports on Digitas and BIMA event in Edinburgh: Making the internet great again.

Raconteur • 16 November 2017

Big enterprises battle startups for customer loyalty

Digitas Strategy Partner, Ed Beard, says organisations are questioning the value they give to customers at every stage of the journey.

Econsultancy • 7 November 2017

Ask the experts: What's the best way to target programmatic ads?

Digitas's Head of Data Proposition, Sameer Modha, comments on how-best to target programmatic ads.

Econsultancy • 1 November 2017

Ask the experts: How to track the offline impact of programmatic spend?

Head of Data Proposition at Digitas, Sameer Modha, shares his advice on how to track the offline impact of programmatic spend.

HuffPost • 18 October 2017

An Internet of the people, by the people, for the people - a UK perspective

The HuffPost reports on the Digitas UK NewFront 2017.

Campaign • 13 October 2017

How Apple has opened the gates for face-reading AI

Digitas Mobile Strategist, Rafe Blandford, comments on how Apple has opened the door for brands to adopt face-recognition technology.

Campaign • 12 October 2017

Why your employees hate you

Creative Strategist at Digitas, Amy Nield, gives her take on how the industry needs to change in order to better-support young people.

Campaign • 12 October 2017

Faces to Watch 2017: Meet the future of the ad industry

Digitas Creative Strategist, Amy Nield, is chosen as one of Campaign's Faces to Watch for 2017.

RetailWeek • 10 October 2017

Personalisation lessons from Spotify, Netflix and Monzo

Digitas Strategy Director, David Carr, comments on what the retail sector can learn from others when it comes to personalisation.

IAB UK • 2 October 2017

Digitas kicks off the 2017 Upfronts by asking if we can make the Internet great again

The IAB reports on the opening event of its Upfronts series: the Digitas UK NewFront.

Campaign • 2 October 2017

How to 'make the internet great again'

Campaign reports on the Digitas UK NewFront 2017: Make the Internet Great Again.

MobileMarketing • 28 September 2017

The 10 best quotes from our programmatic summit

Digitas's Head of Programmatic, Emily Macdonald, shares her top tips for using programmatic to drive conversion.

Econsultancy • 27 September 2017

Econsultancy Top 100 Agency

Digitas is ranked 7th in Econsultancy's Top 100 Digital Agencies for 2017.

Digiday • 1 September 2017

Conde Nast's Ars Technica struggles in UK expansion

Digitas Strategy Director David Carr gives his take on the decline of Ars Technica.

AdNews • 25 August 2017

Amazon's arrival threatens Google's grip on ecommerce search

Digitas's Chief Media Officer, Paul Dalton, gives the low-down on Amazon's arrival down under.

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