The Drum • 25 March 2021

Meet the 2021 Chip Shop Awards jury, featuring Emma de la Fosse

LIA • 25 March 2021

Emma de la Fosse: My Sliding Door Moments

Mediapost • 15 March 2021

Thought leadership: CMO Andrew Mason on Facebook Australia News Ban 

MyCustomer • 11 March 2021

Marius Bartsch, Head of Customer Engagement, comments on customer behaviours and insight

Little Black Book • 10 March 2021

Digitas UK Adds Senior Art Director Dani Brown and Senior Copywriter Alex Wood

The Drum • 10 March 2021

How do you solve a problem like... convincing consumers to trust you with their health data? Leila Seith Hassan comments

• 8 March 2021

IWD 2021: Senior creatives nominate their women to watch - CCO Emma de la Fosse nominates Digitas duo

Campaign • 3 March 2021

Charlene Charity hired as Digitas' Head of Strategy

Digiday • 26 February 2021

CEO Dani Bassil comments on the realities of juggling work while homeschooling kids

Campaign • 10 February 2021

CCO Emma de la Fosse comments on Weetabix x Heinz Beanz team up

Campaign • 4 February 2021

Aminata Seray-Wurie named as one of Campaign's Female Frontier honourees

New Digital Age • 25 January 2021

Emerging programmatic channels, currency and the creativity conundrum

The Drum • 14 January 2021

Next slide please: a guide to pitching in lockdown

New Digital Age • 13 January 2021

The NDA Roundtable: Part TWO Covid and cookies – programmatic’s catalysts for change

New Digital Age • 12 January 2021

The NDA Roundtable: Is programmatic poised for an image overhaul?

Digiday • 16 December 2020

Content Commerce: How brands and publishers are diverifying revenue streams

Campaign • 14 December 2020

Top 10 trailblazers

Raconteur • 10 December 2020

How to implement AI successfully

The Drum • 1 December 2020

How advertising can drive growth in the ‘new normal’

Econsultancy • 27 November 2020

The Fundamentals of Marketing Measurement and Analytic


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