We’re excited to announce the Digitas CRM hub is open for business.

Kitcatt Nohr and Chemistry have joined Digitas to help brands build valuable relationships that count.

A customer relationship isn’t just important for your brand.
It is your brand.
We believe customer relationships are one of the most powerful brand assets. And recent research* has revealed brand growth is driven by customer loyalty. We put people at the heart of our thinking and have made it our mission to help our clients transform their customer relationships and drive business growth.

Rewarding relationships are built on understanding.
And no one gets it like we do.
By combining not just a brand’s own data sources but adding web and social analytics, we can build an unrivalled, holistic understanding of customers. Our approach analyses what people say, plus what they do. This gives us a new way of looking at people – and unique insight which helps shape effective strategy and creative thinking.

Great relationships get better with time.
We understand the role brands play in peoples’ lives and how this role can change over time. Our tried and tested approach continuously improves the value brands offer customers. This allows us to get the value exchange right in the moments that matter most, building relationships that just keep getting better.

Let’s meet for a coffee and a chat. We’ve got so much more to share about what we’ve done and what we can do for all sorts of clients. Drop Nicole a line to find out more:

Nicole Parkinson
+44 (0)7890 532 592