Mobile app



Value we created

8% of E.ON’s UK customer base are active app users, up from 5% a year ago. Active app users are defined as those customers who login more than 10 times per year and carry out more than two interactions per login. 

The app is now driving more than 100,000 meter readings per month. Meter reading submissions via the app are growing twice as fast as any other channel and users of the app are twice as likely to submit a monthly meter reading.

The business problem we solved

E.ON have moved their business focus to be about making energy effortless for their customers. With the E.ON app being the most engaged channel the plans within mobile were accelerated to move the app into being an actively managed product. 

The transformation undertaken by this project has encompassed the need to focus on key business drivers: 

Call centre demand reduction Increase in engagement and frequency of use to reduce cost to serve Retention and loyalty

How we did it

We built functionality that allowed E.ON’s on demand customers to manage their Smart Pay As You Go Account, including viewing account balance, reviewing transaction history, and making payments using scratch card or credit/debit card. This allowed on demand customers to become app-only in their interactions with E.ON.