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Value we created

  • Increased site dwell time by 13 ½ minutes (sixfold increase)
  • Doubled likelihood of users entering the Honda Book a Test Drive process
  • Doubled likelihood of users to enter the Honda Car Configurator process

 The business problem we solved

Buying a car is one of the biggest and most exciting purchases someone will make – yet most find the process complicated, confusing and frustrating. And buyers increasingly steer clear of car dealerships, only visiting 1 or 2 dealers to confirm their decision rather than aid their selection. Our brief was to enable potential Honda buyers to experience and understand the model of their choosing without stepping into a dealership.

What we did

Honda Real View Test Drive is a series of interactive films that aims to put our audience in the driver’s seat. Each series of videos heroes a car in Honda’s range, and conveys the feeling of what it’s like to drive and own a Honda. The films re-imagined the test drive experience to capture the emotional and functional selling points of the cars which were once only experienced on the forecourt. 


How we did it

Each series of videos contains two types of films. The Drive offers a real-life, first-person test-drive narrative; while The Showroom features a virtual CGI environment that demonstrates the features in an easy-to-understand way. These two types of films are then seamlessly transitioned together at relevant moments, creating a digital experience that mimics the ‘traditional’ test drive that a car buyer once had.

Each of The Drive narratives were crafted around each different car model’s specific audience’s attitudes and lifestyles allowing them to imagine themselves in the vehicles.

The Showroom demonstrations were created using search, social, TGI and New Car Buyer Survey data to ensure that we surfaced the relevant features and benefits to our audience in the most intuitive way.

The Honda Real View Test Drive series is live in 17 markets across Europe for all key models. The interactive films sit across multiple channels including the Honda websites, YouTube and social platforms.

Date of campaign 

February 2017

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Like what you see?

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