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EU Referendum Tracker



Value we created

  • More than 10,000 POLITICO passes added to Apple Wallet within 7 days
  • 74% of whom were new contacts to POLITICO’s database
  • 81% of passes still being used a week after the vote
  • New contacts included Prime Ministers and Government officials - key audience targets

The business problem we solved

POLITICO Europe is a relative newcomer to the political news agenda - especially in Europe. With the massive political news story of the Brexit referendum on the horizon in the summer of 2016, POLITICO wanted to reach new and existing contacts in a timely and cost effective way in order to capitalise on what was a massive opportunity for them to demonstrate their reporting expertise. However they didn’t have enough time or investment in place to allow them to build a full mobile app before the Brexit vote. We devised a cost and time effective solution which allowed them to engage a new audience - and created a world first into the bargain.

What we did

We created the EU Referendum Tracker, which used an Apple Wallet pass to deliver content and notifications to iPhones. The pass displayed breaking news, the latest polls, real time results. Push notifications allowed POLITICO to break news faster than much bigger competitors. It created app-like engagement, without the time or expense of making one and was a powerful tool for driving traffic to POLITICO’s website. 

How we did it

Apple Wallet is a mobile app pre-loaded on iPhones that allows users to store coupons, boarding passes, event tickets, store cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, and debit cards. Until we realised the potential of this sleeping giant, no one had ever used it as a means of delivering highly interactive, dynamic content updates. Once people installed the wallet pass, POLITICO was able to alert them to important new developments and dynamically update content. More than 10,000 passes were added to Apple Wallet by users in 7 days, each of which received more than a hundred updates. The solution was a cost effective means of reaching a new audience with 74% of users being new to POLITICO’s database. And what’s more, the whole thing was brought to life in less than 3 weeks.

Date of campaign

June 2016

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Like what you see?

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