Digitas in the News

• 19 December 2017

Media thinking evolves in Asia

• 13 December 2017

Why agencies in Asia Pacific are starting to embrace the science of data

• 23 October 2017

Digitas Names David Paysant Managing Director in Hong Kong

Tnooz • 15 August 2017

Turning the 80/20 rule on its head in hotel CRM

Look in your CRM database and you’ll likely find that roughly 80% of your revenue is driven by roughly 20% of your customers.  Therefore, it follows that you should focus your limited time and budget on that critical minority of customers.
Mediaworks • 27 March 2017

Our very own  Charlie Newbery  , Head of Media at APAC will be one of the mentors at MediaWorks in Hanoi this year.

The Drum • 8 November 2016

How a marketer's need for certainty is redefining  creativity  

Digitas  is appointed the lead global agency for Shangri - la     and tackles  a marketer's need for certainty is redefining creativity
Campaign Asia • 8 November 2016

VR: Not there yet, but you can’t ignore it

CTO of Digitas, Scott Ross comments on VR conversation and the role it plays in the marketing mix .
Marketing Interactive • 6 November 2016

AirAsia gets more data focused with new JV

David Atkins, lead strategist Digitas comments on air asia JV.
Marketing Interactive • 1 November 2016

Samsung Pay launches in Singapore

Oliver Spalding, group head of strategy, SE Asia & Greater China of  Digitas comments on the release of Samsung Pay in Singapore  
Marketing Interactive • 1 November 2016

Did Nintendo lose out by not launching Pokemon   Go in  Singapore?

Justin Peyton, chief strategy officer APAC of Digitas  comments on why Pokemon Go is such a global phenomenal
Marketing Interative • 31 October 2016

Facebook’s blocking of ad blockers: A costly affair?

Oliver Spalding, group head of strategy, Southeast Asia and Greater China strategy partner said that while Facebook is re-iterating that their focus is on quality and relevancy, the rise in ad-blocking strongly indicates that they are failing at being creative.
B&T • 10 August 2016

Global Retail Study

Aussies protective of data, seek the opinion of friends & use wearables when shopping
The Drum • 25 April 2016

APAC Creative Work of the Week: Shangri-La Hotels #NextJen

Digitas Singapore wins APAC work of the week for their #NextJen campaign