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Telkomsel, Indonesia’s largest telco company with the widest coverage and superior connection across Indonesia. But due to competition, and Indonesia’s rural population behavior and sentiment on internet usage in general, it was difficult for Telkomsel to convince Indonesians that their broadband services is the most superior in Indonesia.

Another challenge was also to educate and bring awareness to the majority of the population that were still unaware of the utility value of the internet.

While most brands are using KOL and social channels to communicate the benefit, the challenge here is to communicate the benefit of the internet in the most visible and literal way.


According to the National Statistic Center of Indonesia (BPN), internet users in Indonesia will grow at a whopping rate of 13% to 15% every year. Telkomsel wanted to ride the momentum of Indonesia’s rising internet penetration to establish themselves as Indonesia’s number one telecommunication provider.

We also knew that because of the low internet penetration in Indonesia, most of the population in Indonesia still do not understand how the internet could be useful to their everyday lives.


We equipped 2 influencers with no money, and no assets, but a phone with 180GB of data. We asked them to travel from Jakarta to the komodo island just by using the 180GBs of data. Through this campaign we wanted to show the utility value of the internet. These influencers will be asked to barter data in exchange for rides, or promote a hotel or accommodation in return of a place to stay.


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