#BanBodyOdour & Bring Back Bear Hugs


A majority of category players have positioned themselves as girl magnets. Our job was to break the clutter and redefine communication.


Campaign India Digital Crest: GOLD

Kyoorius: Baby Elephant

Indian Digital Media Award: Bronze

DMA Asia Echo Affiliated Awards – Indian Edition

NIVEA Client Awards

The deodorant category in India is heavily fragrance driven & all category communication focuses on the promise of romance, neglecting the real problem - killing body odour at its source. NIVEA MEN’s Body Deodorizer did just that, and it was our challenge to create awareness & demand for the product through digital.

The idea was to bring back ‘Bear Hugs’ & Ban Body Odour through comical storytelling via a twist on historical human conduct and the growth of distant gestures.

The film was launched on YouTube, supported by other social media engagements. It gained pace through activations around World Hugging Day along with promotions done by influencers like Jose and Vir Das.

The film garnered over 5 million video views, engaging 98,000+ people with the campaign, along with 8.3 million impressions that resulted in successful awareness and TOM recall for the brand.

Our concept amused influencers to the extent that they began their sharing experiences. Eventually, the film did so well on digital that it was promoted on TV. 

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