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Jeep India


Dropped truth bombs to expose what makes a great SUV.

The business problem we solved

Cluttered doesn’t begin to describe the state of the SUV category. Following Jeep’s footsteps, many brands introduced and several brands entered India with their version of an SUV. Soon, the Indian consumer began to buy SUVs for reasons like flashy features, size, looks, etc. instead of features that made SUVs great.

The challenge was to make Jeep, the pioneer of SUVs, regain relevance.

How we did it

Automakers make their vehicles sound technologically edgier by giving clever names to the features. We urged consumers to know their SUVs better before making a purchase, by targeting this façade of flashy-named features that keep consumers in the dark. We did this by tapping into India’s latest love-interest in music – rap, and dropped Jeep’s first-ever hip-hop album titled “Under the Hood”.

Every feature that made an SUV great was broken down into lyrics and set against catchy beats. Not just that, the music videos demonstrated the role of every feature through minimalistic animation. 

Created in collaboration with upcoming artists in India, the rap album cut out the pretence of glorified SUV features. The message was simple: Don’t settle for something ok or good, if you’re looking for the best, look Under the Hood. 

Jeep Compass

Value we created

-  Over 35,000 bookings for a test drive

-  7.6 million views

-  2.2. million interactions

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