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Giving women an expression to celebrate their individuality

The business problem we solved

In 2019, PUMA wanted to re-ignite its global positioning “Do You” in India, to connect with its women consumers. They signed on some of the biggest and boldest female brand ambassadors to represent their sports and lifestyle portfolios however, like other sports brands in India, PUMA was also seen in a more masculine light. 

To re-establish the brand’s strong standing in the women consumer segment, the brand needed to own a strong narrative and connect with their audience.

How we did it

For generations now, Indian women have lived by a set of rules that were put down by society on what is the ’proper’ thing for her to do. However, today, we see a whole section of self-empowered women who did what they believed was right for them, shattered perceptions and proudly owned their choices.

We called her the ‘Propah Lady’. A high decibel campaign that shattered, or well, rewrote the very rule-book that the society had put together on how to be a proper lady was brought alive by a mix of real women and celebrities who followed their own path and are icons for that very reason. We had a master film followed by snackables featuring brand ambassadors: Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan, Indian Olympic boxer Mary Kom, along with India’s first professional sprinter and national champion to come out as bisexual, Dutee Chand and India’s first transgender model, Anjali Lama. 

We used Instagram as the platform where women could ‘come out’ and tell their Propah Lady stories. We also created Instagram and printable stickers for all these ladies to use and forged strategic tie-ups with content creators and leading e-comm platforms to disseminate the message. For those seeking answers to things like ‘Do women fart’, a ‘propah’ surprise in the form of a text ad waited on Google.

Value we created

-  While we sparked the conversation, our propah ladies became the torch bearers as they stood up for us and took this conversation further and within the first week of launch, the campaign video garnered 20.5Mn+ views across platforms 

-  The relatability and adoptability of the campaign saw 9000+ organic stories, 4500+ post mentions on Instagram within a month

-  Drove increase in awareness and sales for the women's sneakers line on the back of the launch of ‘Shatter’, effectively leveraging PUMA’s women ambassadors with an increase in awareness for PUMA 

-  A lift in ad recall by 8.4 Pts* and top of mind awareness among women by 6.2 Pts* on Facebook

-  Total visits to the PUMA India website shot up by 44.66% in just the first three months of the campaign

-  The cherry on the cake came when Forbes reported PUMA topping revenue charts the same year, sprinting past Adidas and acknowledged the brand defying norms with its campaign “Propah Lady”

-  #PropahLady is still being used as a part of our user’s lives and months after the campaign, enabling the ever-progressive contemporary Indian woman to go a step further in ‘owning’ her individuality in an increasingly better, but still majorly patriarchal society


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