Corn Flakes, Crunchy Nut, Krave & Pringles



Value we created

  • Built meaningful campaigns on a wide variety of new platforms to capitalise on existing brand sentiment
  • Smashed benchmark engagement rates
  • Improved Kellogg's ability to deliver always-on, reactive campaign work that is data-driven


“Kellogg awarded our digital business to Digitas not only because of their strong creative capabilities, but also their ability to demonstrate that good digital work goes far beyond making nice looking content and has to understand and utilise the tech, platforms, and channels themselves. Across the past year they have proved themselves more than capable of delivering this and we look forward to working with them long into the future.”

Christopher Nolan, EMEA Head of Media and Digital, Kellogg

The business problem we solved

Digitas was awarded Kellogg’s digital business with the challenge to help the brand engage with diverse audiences who increasingly find their home on a wide range of digital platforms. Kellogg’s has a broad selection of much loved brands with very strong legacies. Our role was to create meaningful digital manifestations of these brands across a range of new platforms that would help Kellogg’s find new audiences as well as reaching existing fans relevantly in the places we know they are, giving them new ways of engaging. Our work has so far been focused on core cereal brands Corn Flakes, Crunchy Nut, Rice Krispies Squares, Krave, as well as the Pringles crisp brand.     

How we did it

Corn Flakes - smashed the benchmark engagement rate by 100% and drove sales up by 14% YoY

For Corn Flakes we helped to create a national debate by delivering the My Perfect Bowl campaign. The campaign encouraged cereal fans to share their views on the best way to enjoy the nation’s favourite cereal by using the hashtag #myperfectbowl.

Crunchy Nut - smashed all campaign KPIs

For Crunchy Nut we launched a national competition to find the nation’s ultimate Crunchy Nutter. The campaign tapped into the brand’s legacy of anarchic fun.

Krave - In France the Snapchat campaign reached over 3.8m unique users in 24 hours – 34% of the entire daily active audience.

For Krave, the focus was teen engagement and so we devised a participative social campaign which created a role for the Krave character, the Chocovore, in teenagers' digital lives. The idea behind 'Feed the Chocovore' was to reward teens when hunting for melted chocolate in a variety of digital environments. The campaign included innovative use of touch screen technology which allowed chocolate to “melt” when users touched it and featured a range of games that ran across Facebook and Snapchat.

Pringles - reached 6 million people in the UK alone and achieved a net sentiment of +39%

Finally, for Pringles we wanted to help the brand engage with its huge Facebook fan base in more meaningful ways and so we built Mr P, the very first chat bot of its kind. Mr P encouraged people to create and share their very own, personalised music videos via Facebook Messenger. 


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