What you’ll do:

There’s no “day to day” in your job because every day is a new medium, a new message and a new chance to make brilliant creative, but here are a few things you can be expected to deliver consistently:

A keen pulse on everything the Web has to offer (including, you know, the latest celebrity Twitter meltdown) so that we can always be fresh and current for our clients.

A clear understanding of financial services and the role they play in helping our client’s customers manage today’s economy.

An exuberant work ethic and exacting attention to detail, whether it’s punctuating your copy, answering a brief or staying true to the brand’s tone and style.

A love of collaborating with your team members — creative directors, art directors, designers, coders and other equally talented eccentrics — to consistently deliver polished, award-worthy work.

Work closely with the UX and XD team to update and create new digital experiences, while establishing brand tone and messaging throughout all communications.

Cross-channel perfection: One concept, so many messaging mediums — you’ll be a master at making an idea translate effectively and flawlessly across all marketing assets.


We’re looking for a copywriter who is both exceptionally qualified and a delight to work with, which usually includes:

Energy, a sense of humor, and an open and curious mind (yes, these things really do matter).

A love of words and a love of culture, both the good old stuff and the sizzling new pop stuff.

Communication skills that leave no room for questions or angst — you’re straightforward, you’re candid and, above all, you’re thoughtful and kind.

Strong experience on large cross-channel and/or direct-marketing initiatives across media, both online and off.

A willingness to travel as needed (hey, new places, new faces, new ideas — right?).

A degree (preferably in English, journalism or a related field) and two to four years of stellar work experience in an advertising or interactive agency.

Got what it takes? We’d love to hear from you.

About Digitas

Digitas is The Connected Marketing Agency, committed to helping brands better connect with people through Truth. Connection. Wonder. With diverse expertise in data, strategy, creative, media, and tech, we work across capabilities and continents to make better connections and achieve ambitious outcomes through ideas that excite, provoke and inspire. Curious and fully transparent, we are always examining real human behavior to create authentic connections—between brands and consumers, clients and partners, and ideas and outcomes. Digitas has 3,500 employees across 18 countries and 32 offices, with an extended network via Publicis Media of over 23,500 employees present in more than 100 countries worldwide. To connect with Digitas or learn more, visit

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Like what you see?

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