Senior Executive - Performance


As Sr. Performance Exec you have to be a team player who is passionate to deliver excellent execution of the campaigns that demonstrate continuous KPI improvement. While social is the focus for this role, we are looking for progressive, full-puzzle thinkers who demonstrate an understanding of other biddable channels and is learning fast to tap into other biddable media with strong Paid Search capabilities.

Deliverables include but not limited to: Social Biddable campaigns management, execution and optimizations. Management of stakeholders within the agency, key partners and key client contacts.


Day-to-day, your role includes:

-Manage and execute Social Biddable campaigns, including audience initial sizing, launching, optimizing and reporting and staying up to date with innovations, new features and best practices

-Manage all aspects of the SEM lifecycle, including keyword research, account creation, billing setup, campaign management, ROI based optimizations, bid management, ad copy automation and staying up to date on best practices for SEM strategy.

-Clearly communicate PPC/Social/Display/Video best practices to other teams & individuals within the organization and how to apply them to our clients’ sites.

-Analyze campaigns costs, ad copy, landing pages, and cost per conversion Identify and inform management of client opportunities, potential risks, and other key issues.

-Manage PPC campaigns and set up reporting and ROI tracking within internal tracking systems and Google Analytics

-Manage other biddable media campaigns, such as Display & Video Biddable

-Collaborate with Account Managers in the implementation of campaigns for effective reporting and return on investment (ROI) measurement

- Regular internal reporting on client account metrics, billing, and aggregate performance.

- Monitor and report on campaign performance and continually make improvement recommendations to the clients and internal teams

- Properly link Google Ads with Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

- Interface regularly with the Strategic Partner Manager at Google, Facebook and other key partners

- Be in in-house expert on all things Social/PPC/Display and other biddable media

- Support the team with Pitches, upselling opportunities, presentations and reporting

-  Work closely with digital planning units to make sure that deliverables are achievable and accurate

- Be able to setup basic live dashboards on Data Studio or within platforms



What we are looking for in an ideal candidate:

· Experience living in the social media universe—you’re in-the-know on all social platforms

· Excellent research and writing skills—and the ability to suggest smart ideas  quickly

· The ability to develop strong relationships with internal and external partners

- A nose for new technology, new content solutions, social media events, and developments

· An ear for consumer insights—you get what makes people tick

· The ability to back up great creative ideas with sound analytical reasoning

Required Qualifications:

-  2+ years of experience

-  Experience in Paid Social media platforms (Business Manager)

-  Well versed with Excel, ability to analyze and manipulate mass data

-  Demonstrating organizational skills - understanding the significance of getting things done

-  Good communication skills – the ability to convey an idea with confidence

-   Ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects and tasks simultaneously

-   Strong grasp of Microsoft Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word

Preferred qualifications

-    Preference to run Paid Social across TikTok, LinkedIN, Twitter, Snapchat

-    Performance clients experience on PPC and/or  programmatic

-    GA certified or has experience in GA and other analytics software’s (adobe, etc.)

-     Experience in Running campaigns across multiple markets

-     Experience in managing more than 2 languages campaigns

-     Experience in Display/Video Biddable media

-     Preference for economics and marketing education backgrounds


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