Associate Director, Experience Strategy


What you’ll do:  

As Associate Director, Experience Strategy, your comprehensive digital strategy and consumer experience expertise will be essential to supporting and inspiring strategic direction for client engagements.

Rooted in an in-depth and empathetic understanding of the consumer’s current environment and ecosystem as well as their priorities, motivators and pain points, this pivotal role demands a focus on how to most effectively solve for experience gaps between today’s consumer experience and the desired future state.

Day-to-day, your role will concentrate on guiding strategy across key accounts while delivering industry-leading service, which includes:

•      Analyzing a variety of data-centric resources, hacking data, researching behaviors, looking at what people are doing and hypothesizing why

•      Building consumer personas, identifying pain points and mapping experience journeys to envision brand experiences across web, mobile, AI and other emerging interfaces

•      Assisting or leading experience ideation workshops with Experience Design teams and clients; facilitating conversations and championing powerful, unexpected insights to inspire creative solutions

•      Crafting Experience briefs; with powerful, unexpected insights that inspire

•      Identifying cultural trends and keeping a pulse on internet and start-up culture; providing teams and clients with a point of view on how it affects the way brands connect with people

•      Helping to build digital product and service business cases to validate commercial viability

Partnering with key players across the agency (Relationship Leads, Technology, Experience Design and other teams) to determine strategy needs, growth possibilities and opportunities to bring competitively differentiated future experiences to life


This exciting and important role requires strong work experience (7-9 years; min 4-year college degree), including a track record of impactful work experience and professional ingenuity which means you are:

•      A digital experience-savvy marketer and passionate problem-solver with an unstoppable drive to inspire teams and bring the best work to life

•      A strong analytical thinker and translator with exceptional data-dexterity, including the ability to conduct validation-usability studies to uncover insights that drive experience strategy, design and implementation

•      A system-thinker with a strong background or practiced expertise in service design and UX methods, supported by knowledge of technology platforms and SEO

•      A strategic partner who illuminates unexpected insights and provides clarity on the role and expectations of a digital experience

•      A collaborator comfortable in agile- or sprint-based approaches, willing to work in real time

•      An up-and-coming leader and team manager with a demonstrated ability to coach and develop talent, inspire and drive change and rally varied groups to collaborate effectively 

•      An all-around seasoned professional with exceptional communication, organizational and time management skills, and the flexibility to adapt quickly to change

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Digitas is an equal opportunity employer.

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