Krispy Kreme



We created excitement for the launch of the first ever Krispy Kreme store in West Africa.


The first Krispy Kreme store in West Africa was launched in Lagos and we needed to drive massive awareness and excitement about the launch and generate footfall for the opening.


“Eko, More Joy has Landed” was the message we gave consumers in Lagos. Understanding that social experiences are key to keeping Lagosians happy, our goal was to create a strong connection between Krispy Kreme and moments of happiness in the minds of our consumers.


In the weeks leading up to the Grand Launch Event, delivered free doughnuts via Uber and doughnut drops in select locations around Lagos.

Lucky recipients shared images and videos online, while influencers help amplify our message and drive consumers to our social pages, where we teased them with the free gifts they stood to win by attending the opening.

We effectively translated online engagements into activations and vice versa. Hundreds attended our pre-launch party and camped outside waiting for our official launch at 7AM.


·        20.9 million audience reached

·        199 million Twitter timeline deliveries

·        16.7 million Instagram impressions

·        800+ on queue before 7am

·        1000 boxes sold in 4 hours after free giveaways

·        45,000+ new followers

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Like what you see?

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