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As the Nigerian Super Eagles fought through the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, Pepsi inspired millions of young Nigerians to unleash the “spirit of Naija”


With the FIFA World Cup being the most watched and talked-about event in Nigeria, Pepsi needed to break through the clutter of advertising before and during the tournament, in order to connect with its target audience in a distinct and memorable way.


We saw an opportunity to disrupt the mundial by showcasing the uniqueness of the Naija spirit and spurring Nigerians to embrace their passion for football, their pride for their Nation and their belief in self.

“Naija All the Way” became the rallying call for Nigerians to show their pride.


Leveraging on the star power of 14 Pepsi brand ambassadors, we developed unique social stories that resonated with the Naija spirit.

We ran an awareness and engagement campaign on social media platforms and utilized programmatic display ads.

We also created a meme generator, video generator and downloadable emojis which allowed our target audience rep the Naija spirit during the mundial.


·        650 million Twitter impressions

·        111 million Instagram impressions

·        3.5 million Video views

·        55,000+ Overall positive sentiment

·        49,200+ New followers

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