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With competition in the cereal category heating up, we showed consumers why no other Cornflakes was like NASCO Cornflakes.


Launched in 1985, NASCO Cornflakes was the first indigenous cereal brand in Nigeria and had enjoyed a lot of goodwill for decades.

However, over the years, entry into the market became easier and the NASCO brand was facing increasing competition from both local and international brands.

NASCO Cornflakes needed to differentiate itself from other brands and reconnect with modern consumers.


We chose to highlight the unique food processing method by which NASCO Cornflakes was made. Our strategy was to ensure that “Whole Flaked” was associated with being “100% Real” and that  it became a brand identifier and differentiator for NASCO.


We launched a three-phase campaign that defined what it meant to be “Whole Flaked”, established that NASCO is the real Cornflakes because it is whole flaked and affirmed the benefits of NASCO’s Whole Flaked Cornflakes.

We leveraged influencers to get the word out and ignited conversations on social media about being 100% real.

We also deployed gamified display banners which immersed consumers in the benefits of Nasco Cornflakes.


·        #1 most preferred cornflakes brand*

·        18 million campaign impressions

·        400,000+ Video views

·        35,000+ Campaign clicks

·        10,000+ New followers

*Cornflakes Brands in Nigeria, Nairametrics

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