Virtual Reality

Exploring new territories and technologies for the world of tomorrow.

We always embrace the latest technology and with virtual reality, it’s not different. Together with our dedicated partners and network sister agencies, we can tackle any request. From 360 video production to CGI, and from 360 postproduction to custom made VR engines.

Whether it’s working with HTC’s Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR by Samsung, or mobile virtual reality projects designed for Android and iOS devices, we’re eager and excited to push the boundaries and explore new opportunities. We deliver cutting edge products for a wide variety of clients and audiences all over the world, incorporating both innovative techniques and immersive narrative to tell compelling stories and create engaging experiences that are worth exploring.




Oculus Rift
To position the Volvo brand firmly within the premium segment, we crafted a lavish digital showroom where people could not only explore the all-new XC90 but also buy the car. Using the Oculus Rift at the Paris Motor Show, at our peak we were selling a staggering seven cars a minute. 

HTC Vive
Working pro-active using the powerful HTC Vive, we came up with a virtual showroom for Tesla where the new Model S could be experienced so vividly, we had people falling over thinking they could lean on the car.

For Dutch Railways NS we developed a groundbreaking 360 virtual reality tour of their new sprinter train, called Flirt. The Flirt 360 virtual reality tour (available both for Android and iOS, and fully compatible with the Gear VR) offers a fully immersive exploration of this train that helps and informs everyone who works with and on the new Flirt. More on this project here

With The Audi A4 Experience, we crafted a virtual reality app that lets you experience what the new Audi A4 actually feels like before it’s even there. We developed a VR engine from scratch containing intuitive hotspot navigation and seamless transition between 2D and 360 storytelling. Find the complete case here.

Samsung Gear VR
For the release of the new OnePlus flagship phone, we created the world’s first global VR shopping experience, called the “The Loop”. While inside the app, users can explore many of the key features of the new OnePlus 3, and even order the smartphone in the virtual world – and then have it delivered to the real one.