Commerce and Content Platform


Getting ANWB closer to their clients when and where they need it.

Client need
ANWB offers an extensive selection of services to over 4 million customers. All based on making sure they can travel freely, easily and safely. We have been there partner in online strategy since 2011. Our challenge was to connect them to their customers at the right moment and at the right time.

Our idea
We brought ANWB closer to their clients, and vice versa, by transforming their website into an integrated e-commerce and content platform. Including a mobile site that keeps ANWB at the customer’s fingertips. And that is not all. We remain improving their online presence and possibilities by experimenting with iBeacons and location based apps.

By structurally aiming for high user-friendliness, online results have increased significantly. ANWB has also found, and is discovered by, a new and younger audience while their loyal target-audience keeps noticing the added value of their ANWB membership.