Audi Quattro


Showing the added value of quattro even in the flat terrain of The Netherlands.

Client Need
When Audi introduced quattro, the world’s first permanent Four-Wheel-Drive, 33 years ago it was an instant hit. Ever since, quattro conjures up imagery of snowy mountaintops, off road adventures and extreme driving conditions. Not exactly things you’d expect here but Audi wanted to show Dutch Audi drivers the value of quattro. Even on the flat terrain of these lowlands here.


Our Idea
The weather is and always will be a hot (no pun intended) topic in our country. We talk about it constantly. So it makes sense that it became the focal point of the idea. 
We created a real-time mechanism based on scientific KNMI-data that smartly calculates the quattro-percentage of the day. Frost, wind, downpour and how they influence a car’s grip were the calculative elements adding up to the percentage. In short, more extreme weather equals a higher quattro-percentage. And whenever the weather angled towards the extreme we encouraged quattro drivers via social media and bannering to go out and experience their quattro full force. And they did.

The campaign was a success. We launched the hub website during the first winter storm of the year, a nice piece of real-time marketing. The interaction with the Audi public via social media and bannering worked as well. The concept proved to be seamlessly compatible with and became an intricate part of, the international quattro campaign.