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Centraal Beheer

Sharing Economy


Using a big bad biker to show on the unnecessary fear of sharing.

Client Need
Our client Centraal Beheer wanted to let people know that when it comes to the sharing economy, they are the leading insurance company. Two things were important: don’t be afraid to partake in the sharing economy and clarify the unexpected added value it provides.

Our Idea
Taking these elements we made a candid viral video with #durftedelen (#daretoshare) as the primary take-out. By comically magnifying the fear and the unexpected value through our biker Arie, who was looking for a pie dish via Peerby, we conveyed the message in a memorable manner. And for those who shared, Arie had a fitting and tasty surprise.

The video got picked up by the important video content platforms and actually did go viral. It got over 500.000 views in two days and even made Viral of the Day on