Flirt 360 Virtual Reality Tour


For NS (Dutch Railways) we developed a 360 Virtual Reality tool that helps personnel getting familiar with features and functions of the new Flirt train.

Client Need
NS wanted to see if an e-learning virtual reality tool could be implemented within the training for NS personnel. Not only to reduce the expensive, time-consuming training days but also to explore virtual reality as a technology to teach, learn and guide new recruits and the existing NS workforce.

Our Idea
We came up with an immersive 360 world, for both iOS and Android, where the new Flirt was the focal point. Using clear visual design and ditto UI elements, we took gamification as a starting point and combined that with a friendly, never boring voice-over and a gratifying reward system that ended with a surprise.

To kick-start the whole experience, we sent out 15,000 custom designed cardboard headsets to NS personnel. After download, we could monitor everything. With an impressive 9,35 minute session per average user and 53% of all users returning to the Tour after their first visit, the launch was an immediate success.