The Loop


Pushing the boundaries of VR-technology with the OnePlus 3 launch.


• The Drum Dadi Awards Highly Commended 2016: Best Use of VR

• Dutch VR Awards Nomination 2017: VR And AR Marketing Campaigns

Client Need
To surpass their world first VR product launch in 2015 OnePlus asked us to take this idea to the next level for the launch of their vastly advanced flagship smartphone OnePlus3. We launched in US, Europe, India and China.

Our Idea
We created The Loop: the world’s first VR looping animation and the world’s first global shopping experience. The experience is created in 360 CGI empowered with 4D sound technology and was interactive to boot. It was a never seen before and definite first in VR tech. It raised the bar for VR experiences in smartphones on a global scale.

The Loop generated a whopping 58.000 downloads within the first 24 hours. The conversion rate during the first 2,5 hours was 12% (3800 purchases, 31,745 visits). The average time spend in the VR environment in the first hour was a stunning 16,5 minutes!