Under Armour



Going dark on social media proved the way to show how Under Armour athletes train. 

Client Need
Under Armour, one of America’s leading sports brands, asked us to create an online concept based on the Droga5 campaign: It’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light. The campaign focused purely on training: everything these athletes do when nobody is watching. To shine when it counts.

Our Idea
We created a unique online concept: Gone. Dark. All Under Armour athletes went dark on social media to fully focus on their training. And when they went dark, many followed.

Besides going dark on social media, we equipped 47 athletes with a special POV camera to shine some light on what they do in the dark. It recorded 24/7 and showed the athletes in all stages of their training. All they had to do was wear it. And they did. We used this raw material and showed it via social media.

The Go Dark campaign generated over 20 million impressions in 7 days. We distributed the Narrative Clip content via social media and many saw what Under Armour athletes actually do in the dark.