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Partnering with luxury phone brand Vertu to fulfil their ambitious international aspirations. 


• Webby’s Advertising Honoree 2016: Consumer Electronics & Services Category

• DIA Nomination 2015: Ecommerce & Omni Channel

• Online Retail Award 2015: Computer, Telecommunications, Electrical

• W3 Awards Gold 2015: General Website - Consumer Electronics

• W3 Awards Silver 2015: Website Features - Visual Appeal

• World Luxury Award Winner 2015

Client Need
Vertu is a luxury phone brand selling mobile phones from €4.900 to way beyond €100.000. Each is handmade and offers numerous tailor-made features, like a 24/7 support service that exceeds all expectations and a tool to personalize each phone. Think diamonds and you’ll get the idea.

Vertu’s clientele expects sheer excellence and Vertu provides it in bulk. They asked us to become their strategic partner in fulfilling their ambitious international aspirations. Serving key markets like China, Russia and the Gulf States took center stage in this strategy.


Our Idea
As the starting point of their digital transformation we created a website showing the excellence of Vertu in all its luxurious glory. On the website brand experience and e-commerce come together seamlessly. Heritage storytelling and the Handmade in England proposition set the stage and gently nudge clients to different purchase possibilities.

The combination worked wonders. Storytelling and the luxury options of the Vertu phone proved a golden ticket.


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Like what you see?

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