Think with Google • 17 November 2020

How to adapt your social strategy to unpredictable times

Danisha Lomax, VP/GD & National Paid Social Lead and Lydia Cox, VP/D, Social Strategy, have written a guide for brands and marketers engaging on social media during these turbulent times. The piece highlights three specific tips: Strive for brand resonance, not clout; monitor the cultural climate; and have a backup plan.
Digiday • 11 November 2020

The future of identity and addressability is people-based IDs

Liane Nadeau, SVP, Head of Precision Media & Investments, is quoted in this LiveRamp op-ed about building brand trust without third-party cookies. The key? Brands should be testing -- and learning -- now.
Little Black Book • 27 October 2020

Squeak E. Clean Studios Re-Energizes Disney Classic 'Be Our Guest' in KitchenAid Spectacle

Digitas worked with KitchenAid to create 'Going All Out', a new spot featuring the brand's latest dishwasher, which boasts the largest third rack available. KitchenAid and Digitas worked with composer Lydia Davies on the familiar 'Beauty and the Beast' song that plays in the background.
Forbes • 21 October 2020

Creating A Brand New Standard For Social Video

Digitas is a member of the Global Video Measurement Alliance, an organization with members including ViacomCBS, VICE media, BuzzFeed, Mattel, and more. The consortium's goal is to solve for a lack of uniform, global metrics and TV-like metrics for measurement on social video.
Ad Age • 13 October 2020

What Apple's New iPhone 5G 12 Means for Verizon, Brands, and Media

Apple held its annual iPhone event recently, announcing a new iPhone 12. While many love a shiny new gadget, the model's other new features -- including video capabilities -- could prove very helpful for marketers.
Business Insider • 6 October 2020

People are doing everything they can to avoid ads, so brands like KitchenAid, Verizon, P&G, and J&J are producing more long-form documentaries

With streaming's increase in popularity, the rise of purpose-driven marketing, and viewers' growing dislike of disruptive ads, more and more brands are moving into the longer-form documentary space. 'A Woman's Place', the doc Digitas created in partnership with KitchenAid & Vox Creative, counts itself among this growing trend.
Little Black Book • 1 October 2020

Digitas and Project Healthy Minds Join Forces to Confront Soaring Mental Health Crisis

Digitas helped to create the visual identity, design, and content for the website for Project Healthy Minds, a millennial-driven non-profit startup focused on tackling the mental health crisis, which has escalated dramatically since Covid-19. As Alyse Schwartz, SVP/Managing Director, Digitas ATL says: “The Digitas team was passionate about working with Project Healthy Minds to address mental health in a new way and help this generation embrace their mental health needs as an integral part of who they are, free from stigma.”
Little Black Book • 1 October 2020

AR in 2020: 5 Ad Industry Views

Even though augmented reality is not a new technology, in a lot of ways it still hasn't fully met its potential just yet. Little Black Book asked several industry experts, including Keith Soljacich, VP/GD, Experiential Tech, about where AR is today and what their predictions are for its future. 
Ad Age • 25 September 2020

How Triller rose from the hype to become TikTok's most dangerous rival

Startup Triller claims to be making inroads as fierce TikTok competition, but Allie Wassum, VP/GD, Social Strategy, says not so fast. Guaranteeing the potential size of a brand's audience can be a slippery slope.
Little Black Book • 11 September 2020

Supercharge Your CRM and Work Smarter

Read Molly Crawford (VP/GD, Creative) and Bry Homeier (Associate Director, Creative) explore how a modular design lab can help create a streamlined CRM process. The piece includes deets on the benefits of modular design systems for email, some guiding principles, and how to think beyond design. 
Ad Age • 24 August 2020

A 'Woman's Place' is in Restaurant Kitchens, Says Hulu's New Documentary from KitchenAid

'A Woman’s Place', the 30-minute documentary film Digitas created in partnership with our KitchenAid client & Vox Creative, and directed by the Academy Award-winning filmmaker Rayka Zehtabchi, debuted on Hulu as part of their Women’s Equality Day Collection. The film, which we teased during our virtual NewFront, provides a provocative and honest look at the biases and barriers women face in the culinary industry through the stories of three aspiring chefs pushing for change. 
Marketing Dive • 24 August 2020

KitchenAid profiles women's struggles, triumphs in restaurant industry with Hulu documentary

KitchenAid, in partnership with Digitas, is making an ambitious content marketing play to spotlight women in the restaurant industry around Women's Equality Day. The kitchen appliance brand owned by Whirlpool Corporation today premiered a Hulu documentary detailing the struggles and triumphs of women working in the restaurant industry, according to details shared with Marketing Dive.
Built in Boston • 11 August 2020

15 Advertising Agencies in Boston Forging Connections Between Brands and Consumers

Digitas was named to Built in Boston's list of 15 ad agencies forging powerful connections between brands and consumers. They highlight our capabilities, our global network spanning over 30 countries, and more.
Beet.TV • 17 July 2020

Navigating CTV Ad Opportunities & Challenges: Digitas’ Weeks

With Connected TV's growth on the rise, Beth Weeks, VP/Director, Media, sat down with Beet.TV to discuss how agencies are approaching the proliferating platforms, opportunities, and challenges. 
Little Black Book • 17 July 2020

Digitas Research Reveals Half of 'Road Warriors' Look to Airlines to Keep them Safe

"Road Warriors" take ten or more business trips a year, and like all of us, their work lives have been disrupted by COVID-19. We recently put out research that dives into what it's going to take to get road warriors back on the road, and what travel companies can do to ease that transition. 
eMarketer • 15 July 2020

Why the Pandemic Is Sparking New Use Cases for an Underutilized Tool

Liz Cole, VP/GD, Social Strategy, is quoted in this eMarketer report on Social Listening: why it has become more important during the pandemic, how marketers are using it, how it has evolved, and what's still holding it back. The report also features our KitchenAid #MakeItTogether campaign, a great example of social listening done well.
Adweek • 25 June 2020

At NewFronts, Digitas Debuts Trailer for Documentary About Sexism in the Culinary Industry

Our Digitas 2020 NewFront, held Thursday, June 25th , was a panel discussion that focused on one piece of content: an extraordinary documentary film, “A Woman’s Place”, created in partnership with KitchenAid, Vox Creative, and the Academy Award-winning director, Rayka Zehtabchi. The film follows three female chefs trying to make it in a male-dominated industry. 
Mediapost • 23 June 2020

IAB: CTV Ad Spend Unfazed By COVID; Addressable Also Set To Benefit

Jenny Schauer (SVP/Media) chatted with the IAB to discuss their 2020 Digital Video Advertising Spend Report, which revealed that video ad spending overall was largely unaffected by reductions in spending following the start of the pandemic. This was thanks to Connected TV (CTV) as buyers shifted dollars there from broadcast and cable TV
Adweek • 22 June 2020

Here's How the IAB's NewFronts Work

In this short video, our Head of Content Mark Book explains that and more, including how the NewFronts work and Digitas' role as a founder (and only agency presenter). 
adexchanger • 19 June 2020

How Digitas is Prepping Clients for the Cookieless Future

Even though the phasing out of Chrome won't happen for another 18 months, it's important to prep clients now, says Liane Nadeau (SVP/Head of Precision Media & Investments). Liane spoke with AdExchanger about testing the tech, encouraging clients to think about their customer databases and adopting tech like CDPs, focusing on using first-party data from brands and publishers, and more, all while putting the emphasis on consumer trust. 

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