Little Moments. Bigger Things.



Samsung, whose Note Series phones established the innovative ’Phablet’ category, saw consumer trust erode as a result of the Galaxy Note 7 recall. But in late 2017, Note was set to make a comeback. The Galaxy Note 8 was Samsung’s most sophisticated phone, boasting a number of engineering firsts. Our job was to drive relevance and revive trust of the product in ways that would resonate with our local audiences.


With everyone having a phone, and Samsung needing mass level adoption to be successful, we needed to speak to cast our net wide. This meant having more than just one big insight. Instead, we identified hundreds of little ones that differentiated consumers and we defined them through micro-segmentation.

We identified unique individual behaviours at a market level and matched them with addressable audiences. The audiences were short-listed into four priority micro-segments, each nuanced by market. All with the ambition of connecting to the brand promise of helping you do bigger things with the smallest of moments and actions of your everyday activity.


Connecting data, creative, and media, we enabled:

1. Relevance by audience: Segment specific content was created and a combination of DCO and media sequencing allowed us to keep our stories fresh interesting to the individual.

2. Relevance across touch-points: Our messages connected the purchase journey across social, display and dynamic landing pages.

3. Relevance by device: We altered our communication and landing pages to ensure a seamless, consistent journey regardless of where you see our ads.

In just 8 weeks, and across five SEA markets, we deployed over 40 different data targeting strategies.



Our strategy of using data to micro-segment audiences and target consumers with hyper-relevant and purpose driven creative proved itself to be a powerful tool in rebuilding trust and desire for the Note Series and driving sales of a crucial comeback for Samsung. 

These results set records within the region, outperforming what had previously been their most successful mobile launch (the Galaxy S8) over the same campaign duration and geography, and with approximately the same budget. 

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