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Hi, I am Uniqlo


How can we spread awareness of Uniqlo’s first ever roadside store launch in South East Asia with a limited budget? With the help of our biggest fans... our own brand ambassadors.


Established for over 7 years in Thailand, undoubtedly, the bond between Uniqlo and our fans has been stronger than ever before. So who better than our own brand advocates to help us spread the news of our new store launch, as we believe our brand and fans are one.


We came up with a unique way to firstly recognize and celebrate our fans and then to also help spread our invitations from one fan to another through “Hi, I am Uniqlo”.

We united our customer’s identity with our logo to showcase their support.  By simply typing in their names and sharing their unique logos with our invitation also provided a location and date for the opening day.


With this simple tool, massive amounts of fans participated. Even celebrities joined in, making it a must-do trend online. As a result, over 223,000 unique identities drove over 10 million impressions.

This momentous celebration led by our fans, drove an unprecedented amount of people that lined up at our store, even before its doors had opened on its first day. Most importantly is to know that we have lots of fans who are willing to support us.