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Empty Bucket


How can KFC hijack the online conversation during the Songkran festival, the Thai New Year, with next-to-zero budget? With Empty Buckets...


“Songkran” is Thai New Year. It's a time when people visit their families, celebrate and splash water at each other to get relief from the heat during the Thai summer. During Songkran holiday, people are looking for where to enjoy water splashing and are choosing which water-weapons to buy.


We offered people a new water-weapon at THB 399. Simply an empty KFC bucket promoted as a water-weapon on our Facebook post.

Shortly after the post went on, Thailand’s social world went crazy.  Countless people joined the conversation with so many opinion and emotions.

After causing a stir, we then clarified the offer with a follow-up post, explaing that the THB 399 empty bucket came with free fried chicken and soft drinks, so that people can enjoy their KFC and use our bucket to splash water afterwards.


The 2 Facebook posts received 500k engagements, reached 3 million people and received over 10 million impressions.

We achieved our goal of hijacking the online conversation during Songkran festival and strengthing KFC as a cheeky and playful brand that is always relevant to our customers during every occasion.