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Central Group Thailand

The 1: What Day is Today?


Create awareness among current members and new potential members of Central Group Thailand's new Membership program.


Central Group Thailand changed their loyalty program’s name from ‘The 1 Card’ to ‘The 1’ and changed its main platform from membership card to a mobile application which can be used to collect and redeem points through various partners. Our task was to create awareness among current members and new potential members.


In English '1' is pronounced as ‘one’ which in Thai means ‘day’. Thai people love to make jokes about English words that sound like Thai words but have different meanings.


We created a series of vertical mobile films that always begin with the same question, “What day is today?”, a classic question that can spark a lot of headache between a couple.  Each film begins with the same question but what follows varies from one day to another.

With a vertical format, our mobile film demonstrated The 1 app clearly and we used various styles of comedy to draw our audience’s attention before we communicated different benefits of our app.


We obtained over 300k downloads during the campaign, meeting the set KPI's. 

We created an awareness of The 1 app while also entertaining our audiences at the same time. 'The 1' exists to give endless value to our customers every day.