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The Local Ambassador


How can we gain the support of the local community in the Pattanakarn neighborhood of Bangkok for Uniqlo’s first-ever roadside store in South East Asia? We wanted people in this community to welcome their new member, feel included and valued and of course to visit and support the store. Meet 'The Local Ambassadors'...


Each small-business in a community helps build and sustain a community's economy. When an area is bustling with people, every other business also benefits from it.

This triggered us to reach out to influential community members such as local restaurant owners, shop owners, teachers and even motorcycle taxi's in the area, and convinced them that Uniqlo's roadside store will bring more traffic to the area and everyone will benefit from it. We asked them to help promoting our store by inviting people they knew to the launch of our store.


We sent invitations from locally-known ‘influencers’ (shop owners, etc.) in many forms, through Facebook post and video clips. With data from Google traffic, we targeted our ads to people in Pattanakarn area who could easily commute to our store.

We turned locally known business owners to local ambassador of Uniqlo roadside store.


On the launch day, people started queueing up in front of our store at 4am. The Store traffic was 46% above the targets set.  We achieved 65% above our sale target during the launch period. The campaign generated 10.7 million impressions with THB21.5 million in earned media.

More importantly, the people of Pattanakarn have welcomed us with open arms and Uniqlo has become part of the local community since day one.