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Wonder of Thai Herbs


How can we establish Thai Herbs as part of the country’s identity among foreigners and to help people to learn more about their benefits? Create some wonder and curiosity...


Thailand’s Department of International Trade Promotion wanted to establish Thai herbs as one of the country’s identity among foreigners via its website, and to help people to learn more about their benefits.  However the words “Thai herbs”, had close-to-nothing in terms of volume of searches.


Thailand has been known as the land of smiles, beautiful beaches, good food, and great hospitality services–all of these are widely known as “Amazing Thailand”.


We utilized Thailand’s tourism reputation to promote Thai herbs by expanding the search keywords of “Thai herbs” to Thailand’s well-known tourist activities. Then we hijacked the target’s search moments in order to acquire quality visitors to our website and drive Thai herb’s affinity.

We produced 10 short videos about Thai herbs, and utilized the search volume to deliver our videos which related to tourist’s search criteria under the keyword group of 'Thailand’s famous tourism activities'.


DITP’s website pageviews increased by 226%. The site received a very low bounce rate of only 9%.  We gained over 500 trade inquiries from our website over a period of 5 weeks.

Thai herbs are strongly climbing the ladder to become widely known amongst tourists as part of Thailand’s new identity.